About Kathy

Welcome to my digital world.  This is were it all comes together.  I am a mother, grandmother and recovering mortgage loan officer of 25 years.  My hobbies include bowling, yoga and cooking.  Currently I am in the process of creating a food and lifestyle blog that I hope to be launching soon.

My desire and journey with this site is to continue to learn and share helpful resources that I find, test and use myself with you.  There are so many great products and tools available online today.  I find there is no reason to reinvent the wheel.  Just utilize what is out there for your own specific product or project.

Now, back to my real estate background.  Since I have worked in the real estate industry, well, pretty much my entire adult life, it is safe to say that it is in my veins.  With that said, you will notice that most of my material will be real estate related.  I have been a landlord, an investor, rehabber and buy and sold many properties over the years.  I continue to look for the next project.

Everything that I share with you I am testing, implementing, using or adding to my projects.  Creativity is what keeps us young!  More please.

Kathy Gray is also a licensed Texas Realtor.